Robert D. Giles

"In Business Since 1953"


Our Mill and Yard

   Our sawmill is a traditional circular sawmill which has been in operation since 1953, when it was founded by Wayford Frerichs. We have an experienced crew that is always willing to help you. We mill only slow growth white pine which has the highest R-Rating of any species of wood in the southeast U.S.

 All of our logs are cured for two years.

Electric over hydraulic Meadows sawmill.

Milling a large white pine log from the
East Tennessee mountains..

Recent Upgrades to Our Mill

Laser Precise Milling Cuts


Air Dried Beams



Chipper For Recycling Scrap Wood


Bark Removal Machine



In Memoriam
Robert D. Giles, (1935 - 2009)

Robert Was 74 Years Old
& Was a Lifelong Resident of Coker Creek
& a Faithful Member of the
Epperson Presbyterian Church

He Was Our Employee & Sawyer Here at
Frerichs Sawmill since 1953,
When it Was Founded.
He Will be Greatly Missed.


Unloading slow growth white pine logged from the mountains
of Tennessee and North Carolina. Clifford Hanes has been a
driver for the company since 1956.



Frerichs Sawmill
Coker Creek
13531 Highway 68
Tellico Plains, Tennessee 37385

Phone Numbers & Email Addresses:

Terry Frerichs - 423-261-2620
Rodney Frerichs - 423-261-2399

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